ROMCO Equipment: Machinery for Construction and Mining Job Site Applications

Proudly providing Texans with heavy equipment solutions for over five decades, ROMCO Equipment Co. serves the earthmoving, ground engaging, and material handling markets.

We carry the full line of construction and mining equipment from the best manufacturers in the business, including:

From haulers and excavators to attachments and more, the ROMCO team has the equipment needed for every job site and deadline.

The Best From Volvo Construction Equipment

With an unparalleled history of innovation and quality, Volvo Construction Equipment has long been established as a construction equipment industry leader. Combining cutting-edge solutions with conventional technology, not only does Volvo CE consistently win awards for their machines, but they continue to introduce new products to the market.


Articulated Haulers

Volvo’s Articulated Haulers Advance the Construction Industry

Volvo’s innovative approach has led to many advancements in the heavy machinery industry, including creating the world’s first articulated hauler over 50 years ago.

Engineered with articulated steering, all-wheel drive, and differential locks, these haulers are more productive and economical, sturdier, and easier to operate because of their trailblazing design. Volvo CE’s articulated haulers come with technological features like On-Board Weighing (with Co-Pilot Display and Haul Assist), CareTrack, and MATRIS, which give these construction machines exquisite accuracy, superior fuel-efficiency, and better operator comfort.


Industry Leading Excavation Equipment by Volvo CE

Created for optimum power and productivity, Volvo’s excavators line provides greater fuel-efficiency, stability, and industry-leading visibility and safety. Getting the most out of these machines is easy with a wide range of suitable attachments for any job site.

Precision Performance With Volvo Compact Excavators

Volvo CE’s Compact Excavators couple efficiency and performance. These small excavators are easy to operate and service while also delivering high performance and an exceptional hydraulic system. Fitting into tight spaces or lifting heavy loads isn’t a problem with the compact excavator’s short swing radius and remarkable lifting capacity.

Navigating Terrain With Crawler and Wheeled Excavators

Combining intelligent technology with a powerful engine, Volvo Construction Equipment’s Crawler and Wheeled Excavators increase productivity and efficiency throughout mining and heavy-duty construction jobs. The crawler excavator’s chain track system allows this earthmoving machine to slide down and scale hills with less risk, making it ideal for grading hilly areas. A variation of the crawler, Volvo’s wheeled excavator provides more maneuverability and flexibility to negotiate uneven terrain with its four-wheel-drive undercarriage.

Wheel Loaders

Do More With Compact and Large Wheel Loaders by Volvo CE

Volvo’s Wheel Loaders are the perfect heavy equipment for quarrying, aggregating, material handling, and more. The compact wheel loader expertly combines power, capabilities, and size while reducing fuel consumption, requiring less maintenance, and retaining its resale value. Its big brother, Volvo CE’s Large Wheel Loader, allows operators to dig more, move more, and load more.

A New Solution With SDLG Wheel Loaders

Quality, low-cost options, SDLG’s Wheel Loaders combine reliability and affordability. Meeting the construction and material handling industries’ needs with their basic functions, these front-end loaders are a great solution for any contractor who doesn’t need all the features of a premium loader but still demands the highest quality.

Big Returns From the Small L9118F Wheel Loader

SDLG’s L918F Wheel Loader is the ideal heavy machine for all seasons – moving gravel, sand, salt, or snow. This wheel loader is a versatile loader made for multiple attachments with its general-purpose skid steer bucket and skid steer coupler. The L918F is perfect for small landscaping, bulk and material handling, and snow removal jobs while remaining economical with its low-maintenance engine, basic features, and affordable price.

L938F Wheel Loader: Big Productivity, Mid-Size Machine

Truly maneuverable due to its small footprint, SDLG’s L938F Wheel Loader is the perfect mid-size front end loader for small and medium-size job sites. This utility price-point loader fits the needs of the landscaping, residential building, site preparing, snow removal, and utility work industries, including pipe, guardrails, and gravel moving jobs. Featuring a hydraulic coupler, Tier 4f certified engine, and a full-powered, third-function hydraulic, this front end loader fulfills nearly any construction company’s basic operational needs.

More Production From the L948F Wheel Loader

The L948F Wheel Loader by SDLG is the ideal front loader for industrial, residential and commercial construction applications. This mid-size wheel loader handles industrial material handling, commercial site prep, warehousing, and more. Built for stability, the L948F still boasts impressive lifting heights, making it a versatile loader at the perfect price-point.

Handle Big Jobs With the L959F Wheel Loader

Engineered to handle corrosive environments, SDLG’s L959F Wheel Loader easily manages large quantities of industrial and commercial materials, like salt, sand, and gravel. The perfect large wheel loader, this machine fits the waste and recycling, snow removal, and fertilizer handling applications needs.

Material Handlers

Quality Material Handlers by Atlas

Featuring faster cycle times, optimized handling, and an extended life span, Atlas’s mobile industrial machines and industrial tracked machines set the standard in the recycling and scrap handling industries. Adapting alongside the industry for over 100 years, these machines are used for various applications, including wood, bulky goods, special recycling, port applications, and vacuum operations.

Crawler Carriers



Roll Up With Volvo’s Compactors

Volvo Construction Equipment’s compaction machines deliver unsurpassed performance and value from resurfacing jobs to large site preparation. Their asphalt compactors are outfitted with superior drum widths and use high-frequency vibration to ensure smooth, even mat finishes. Utilizing multiple frequencies, dual amplitude, and optimized centrifugal force, Volvo’s Soil Compactors efficiently and effectively compact varying soils and aggregates. Their pneumatic compactors are engineered with rubber rollers, making them uniquely different. Manufactured for rolling hot-mix asphalt surface treatments, this roller machine utilizes a kneading effect for better static penetration into the materials.


Volvo Pipelayers: Pioneering Design, Versatile Configuration

Volvo CE’s revolutionary line of pipelayers delivers a competitive edge for oil and gas contractors with their excavator-based design and unique 360° swing capacity. With greater maneuverability and infinite pipe placement possibilities, these machines offer enhanced versatility with the option of being converted from a pipelayer to an excavator. Additionally, they can work on slopes up to 35°, making them the most stable and safe pipelayers in their class for slope work.


Quality Mining Equipment From Hitachi

With over 100 years manufacturing efficient, reliable, and durable mining equipment, Hitachi continues their legacy of meeting the mining industry’s needs with their unmatched machinery. Their mining excavators deliver increased force and greater productivity, making them the global leader in mining excavation equipment. Blending stronger horsepower, better fuel-efficiency, improved hydraulic systems, and advanced technological systems, Hitachi’s mining machines can operate more than 20 hours daily.




Genesis Attachments Improve Equipment Production

Genesis is leading the world’s attachments market with exemplary designs and high-quality manufacturing. Trusted by the best in scrap, demolition, material handling, and offshore decommissioning industries, their mobile sheers improve efficiency and cycle time when handling job site debris. Genesis’s concrete processors are easy to remove and replace, requiring little maintenance while maximizing productivity and delivering unequaled performance. Their line of grapples are engineered for optimal effectivity, strength, and durability.

Getting the Most From Equipment With FRD USA Attachments

With a commitment to quality for over ten decades, FRD USA manufactures equipment to meet the needs of the mining and construction industries. Their Breaker Attachment Division focuses on attachments that combine innovation, durability, and quality. Built to last, their products complement compact utility loaders, skid steers, mini-excavators, backhoes, and excavators.

Break Up With Hydraulic Hammers

Designed to break up concrete, rock, and other hard materials, FRD’s Hydraulic Hammers make demolition, construction, quarry, and production breaking jobs easy with their combination of quality, performance, and durability. Their high-performance breakers are manufactured to help get the most out of the equipment.

Smaller Maintenance and Downtime From Small Hydraulic Hammers

Combining agility and performance, FRD’s Small Hydraulic Hammers are the perfect tool for sidewalks, driveway and foundation removal, and many other applications. They exceed expectations with their mono-block design and wide variety of mounting options. Without thru-bolts to maintain or diaphragms to replace, these hydraulic hammers increase job site productivity. FRD manufactures their small hydraulic hammers with replaceable cylinder liners, ultimately saving on maintenance costs and downtime.

Break The Way With Medium Hydraulic Hammers

FRD’s Medium Hydraulic Hammers improve piston alignment with their extended thrust bushings that evenly distribute grease in the front head. With multiple configurations, these breakers easily accommodate various carriers, including excavators, backhoes, and mini-excavators. Innovation, improved performance, and ultimate reliability make these medium hammers ideal for roads, bridges, rock, and utility applications.

Improved Performance From Large Hydraulic Hammers

With smoother operation and superior strength, FRD’s Large Hydraulic Hammers improve daily performance while requiring less maintenance and downtime. Designed without thru-bolts for exceptional reliability and durability, these breakers are excellent for hard-rock applications, like quarry and construction projects.

More Safety From FRD USA’s Quick Couplers

FRD’s Quick Couplers’ uniquely patented design break the industry mold with their dual safety features. Their TEFRA Auto Coupler allows operators to quickly and safely change attachments by eliminating the need for manual locking pins. The Smart Valve ensures further safety during the attachment and release sequence while also being completely enclosed to eliminate contamination. These features make the base machine more versatile and create a more productive work environment.

Compaction Wheels Keep Production in Motion

Constructed with one-piece cast manganese steel and sealed composite bearings, FRD’s Compaction Wheels are designed to handle the industry’s excavators and backhoes’ high workloads. The one-piece construction eliminates welds that eventually fatigue or break while the sealed bearings extend the service life by reducing contamination. Because of their floating top-mount boss mounting system, FRD’s compaction wheels don’t delay operations like the ones experienced with OEM specific top caps.

Mechanical Thumbs With Superior Design

Engineered to fit a range of carriers from 3,000 to 120,000 pounds, FRD’s Mechanical Thumbs easily install on mini-excavators, rubber-tired backhoes and excavators. These heavy-duty thumbs are designed with three versatile, ridged positions for a variety of working conditions. Manufactured with AR400 steel, FRD’s mechanical thumbs are stronger and harder than the competition, making them the best choice for demolition and construction operations.

Plate Compactors Designed For Safe and Durable Productivity

FRD’s Plate Compactors are made for rugged and reliable performance. Manufactured with hardened steel components, these drivers safely compact trenches, set posts, and drive steel sheeting without experiencing the effects of stress, vibration, fatigue, or impulse forces. All FRD plate compactor models are outfitted with rubber shock absorbers and hydraulic motors with built-in cross-over check valves for boom protection and adaptability to carriers.

HKD Blue

Dust Suppression Equipment for demolition sites, dry bulk terminals, aggregate processing, scrap yards and recycling facilities.

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